cosmetic laser therapy for spider veins

cosmetic laser therapy for spider veins

Are spider veins or troublesome vascular lesions disrupting your complexion? It can be easy to let these common cosmetic concerns keep you from feeling comfortable with your skin. Our experts can help you achieve clearer, lustrous skin with cutting-edge technology!

Spider veins are among the most common forms of vascular lesions; nearly anyone can experience them. While the cause of them may not always be known, they can certainly be treated. With Alma® Harmony, our team can safely and effectively fade spider veins from view on both the face and legs. As a result, the veins collapse and are processed by the body, fading them from view.

With our specialized procedures at Rajeuneir Esthetique, our team of professionals can vanish spider veins and reticular veins with just a few quick and gentle cosmetic laser treatments.

Benefits of laser therapy for spider veins

  • Achieve a healthier, lustrous, and smoother complexion
  • Fast and simple treatment
  • No downtime following your appointment
  • No anesthetic necessary
  • Non-invasive measures are taken

laser therapy for spider veins FAQs

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The goal of the consultation is to customize a treatment plan and experience with you in mind. This includes your physiology, your goals and expectations, your budget, your health and safety, and everything in between.

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